March 2000, page 63

For Adults Only!

At first glance, new Blend's® looks like ice cream, but a quick taste suggests it's a distilled spirits cocktail. And if you eat too much, you probably should not get behind the wheel. This is because Blend's is the world's first commercially available intoxicating frozen dessert that comes in classic ice cream drink flavors. It requires proof of age to purchase.

Developed by scientists at the University of Minnesota, Blend's uses a proprietary formulation and patent-pending process to stabilize the alcohol molecule and prevent it from interacting with ice crystals and milk proteins. The product is currently produced and distributed by The Ice Cream Bar, Inc., Minneapolis; however, the company says the formulation, manufacturing process and brand are now available for licensing. Licensees are required to obtain a state liquor distributor license.

Blend's can be found in Wisconsin in the alcoholic beverage section of select grocery and c-stores. It is distributed and sold the same way as ice cream, but because it is intoxicating, Blend's must be called an "Ice Cream Drink," as determined by the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms and FDA. Labels carry the same government warnings as alcohol beverages.

Just like other forms of alcohol, packages of Blend's are sold in metric sizes. Single-serve 100-mL cups range from five to 10 proof, and contain 15% butterfat and 50% overrun. Varities include Brandy Alexander, Golden Caddy, Grasshopper, Pink Squirrel and Whiskey & Cream.