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Distilled Spirits Cocktails Frozen Solid in Classic Ice Cream Drink Flavors.

® is The Original Liquor Ice Cream™

Blend's® is uniquely American. Their history begins with the Irish potato blight of the 1850's and the resulting famine which brought the Irish to America. The Irishman brought with him his unique habit of taking his first whiskey of the night mixed with fresh dairy cream - half whiskey, half cream. The Irishman pointed to healthful aspects of the cream, but many believed he coated his stomach with the cream to consume more whiskey.

After the First World War the returning Doughboys brought liqueurs back from Europe. Thomas Edison electrified the east coast and useful electric gadgets, such as blenders were invented. And women, now with the vote, began coming into bars, too. The time is now 1920 in Boston or New York, the bartender now takes the whiskey and cream adds ice and blends it in the blender into a thick gelatinous consistency. Women seeing the cocktail ask for it. But it was far too strong at half whiskey and half cream. So the attentive bartender adds a shot of dark creme de cacao for sweetness and the unique American invention known as the ice cream drink was created. From that one cocktail came the Grasshopper, Brandy Alexander, Pink Squirrel, Golden Cadillac, White Russian, et. al. Immediately thereafter ice cream was often exchanged for the ice and cream to sweeten the cocktail even more. Thus Ice Cream Drinks were invented in America.

Like the original invention Blend's® Liquor Ice Cream follow the same recipes used by America's finest bars and restaurants. All Blend’s® products are distilled spirits cocktails that contain 20% quality liqueurs and liquors and 80% rich super-premium ice cream. For example, a 10 ounce Blend’s® Brandy Alexander contains 1 oz. Brandy, 1 oz. dark Creme de Cacao (20%), and 8 ounces of superpremium ice cream. What makes Blend's® revolutionary is that they are solid just like ice cream, not semi-soft in a milk shake consistency like you find at bars and restaurants: Ready-to-eat solid, or to blend into a cocktail if you like. Blend’s® are the highest quality pre-made alcohol-based ice creams available in the world. While it looks like ice cream, the ATF says it isn’t because its intoxicating. The ATF and FDA have classified Blend’s® as distilled spirits. Because the ATF and FDA have determined Blend’s® to be a distilled spirits product the product is required to pay Federal Excise Tax (FET) and State Excise Tax (SET) and can only be sold where liquor is sold and only to legal adults. And to date, Blend’s® Liquor Ice Cream is the only product of its kind in the world.*
*Blend's® are patent pending S.N. #242,642

Alcohol acts like an antifreeze, melting the ice crystals, and alcohol reacts with the milk protein causing the ice cream to break down (separate). Blend's® Liquor Ice Cream unique stabilization system makes the commercial manufacture of alcohol-based ice creams and ice cream drinks possible. Only Blend's® is The Original Liquor Ice Cream: Sold only where liquor is sold because it uses real liqueurs and liquors to make each cocktail's flavor special.

Blend's® Liquor Ice Creams are Unique
Focus group research showed that 100% of all group members would buy this new product and that 100% would go to a liquor store to purchase Blend’s® Liquor Ice Cream! Primarily consumed as a classic ice cream drink, Blend's® can also be served as regular ice cream would be: a scoop in a dish or as a cone.

Blend's® Liquor Ice Creams are Convenient
The portion controlled single serving cup is ready to eat or blend smooth with a spoon - contains all the liqueurs and liquors, nothing to add. Convenient sizes for every occasion: 100mL (single serve) and 1.75Liters (Party size - perfect for making ice cream drinks and gourmet desserts like pies and cakes). Blend's® Liquor Ice Cream comes in all the classic drink flavors - there is a favorite for everyone!

Blend's® Liquor Ice Creams Offer the Consumer an Excellent Price/Value
An 8-ounce Blend's® Liquor Ice Cream drink represents an outstanding consumer value when compared to established drink prices - and Blend's® are always consistently high quality: contains all liqueurs and liquors in rich, super-premium ice cream.

The Preferred Taste and Texture
Taste-testing proved that all respondents enjoyed Blend's® Liquor Ice Cream distilled spirits cocktails, both as a drink and a solid - and when they tasted their favorites, they rated them as excellent! Blend's® follow traditional recipes using only real liqueurs and liquors for each cocktail.

Blend's® Liquor Ice Cream Makes Special Occasions Easy
Blend's® Liquor Ice Cream fits in well with the trend to more at-home-entertaining. Blend's® used as a traditional after-dinner drink adds excitement to any special meal — and used as an ingredient for a special dessert they make the occasion memorable.

Huge Sales Potential
Ice Cream is a $21.6 Billion Dollar U.S. Growth Industry. The USDA reports that every person in America consumes, 5 gallons of ice cream annually. Blend's® Liquor Ice Cream is unique, one-of-a-kind, the only intoxicating ice cream in the World! Isn't it time you start growing your distilled spirits section, too!

High Price Points Deliver High Profits
With high SRPs, year ’round special occasion sales, Traditional peak sales period (May–September), and Holiday sales (October–January), Blend's® Liquor Ice Creams are high volume, high profit producers.

Incremental Volume and New Consumers
As a growing new category, Blend’s® Liquor Ice Cream brings new consumers and dollars into your stores for incremental volume and sales gains. Once in your section these new customers are likely to make additional planned and impulse purchases.

Blend’s® Liquor Ice Cream is Growing the Distilled Spirits Category
By creating a new usage for distilled spirits, many consumers will be tasting liqueurs and liquors for the first time, and in the very favorable mix medium of ice cream! Blend’s® Liquor Ice Cream is creating a new consumer appreciation for the taste of distilled spirits - it’s a distilled spirits revolution!

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