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Blend's® Liquor Ice Cream comes in
several convenient sizes for every occassion:

100mL (Single Serve)
1.75 Liters (Party Size - perfect for recipes)
Food Service Rounds (Export Only)

CLASSIC flavors
• Blend’s Golden Caddy™
• Blend’s Banshee™
• Blend’s Velvet Hammer™
• Blend’s Whiskey & Cream™
• Blend’s White Russian™
• Blend’s Irish Mint Cream™
• Blend’s Irish Coffee™
• Blend’s Yellow Bird™
• Blend’s Pina Colada™
• Blend’s Blue Hawaiian™
• Blend’s Buttered Rum™
• Blend’s Chocolate Liqueur™
• Blend’s Blue Monday™
• Blend's White Elephant™
• Blend's Flying Horse™
• Blend's White Licorice™
• Blend's Mon Cherie™
NOVEAU flavors
• Blend’s Toasted Almond™
• Blend’s Peppermint Pattie™
• Blend’s Rootbeer Float™
• Blend’s Frozen Orange™
• Blend’s Chocolate Grasshopper™
• Blend’s Golden Dream ™
• Blend’s Strawberry Shortcake™
• Blend’s Chocolate Monkey™
• Blend’s Menage a Trois™
• Blend’s Almond Joey™
• Blend’s Tropical Dream™
• Blend’s Fuzzy Navel™
• Blend’s Whiskey Mud Pie™
• Blend’s Frozen Dream™
• Blend’s Watermelon™
• Blend’s Key Lime Pie™
• Blend’s Assorted (mixed flavors)
• Blend's Rum Egg Nog
• Blend's Whiskey Egg Nog
• Blend's Brandy Egg Nog
• Blend's Bourbon Egg Nog

Blend's® The Original Liquor Ice Cream

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